Towards the end of the detox week we see people’s faces soften, their skin start to glow, their bodies become straighter as their sense of who they are returns. I know it is a cliche to say that a detox can be life changing, but it is.

This is a powerful programme and people can go very deep while they are on a retreat, deep enough to heal past hurts, to create a better vision of their future and to find themselves, their true essence, again. This is the best feeling in the world and your body feels much lighter and more mobile too. Detox pushes out the darkness and heaviness in us and lets in the light of life. This is the start of a new life and way of living.

We hope you will be going home full of enthusiasm to change things about your life and diet which will support you to keep hold of the wonderful vitality you are now feeling. But first, it’s really important how a fast is broken and the transition back to normal eating needs to be taken slowly. On the first day after the fast, which is the day you leave us, we give you a variety of fresh fruit and vegetable salads to take home with you and you’ll get plenty of advice on how to continue the ‘breaking the fast’ process over the first 3 days after the detox. We also give you the post detox dietary advice before you come to make it easier for you to stock up with the right foods for your return.

DEtox International retreats

Sometimes people worry that they will go to the opposite extreme after a fast, and re-tox as quickly as they have de-toxed; maybe even on the return flight home! Don’t worry, in our many years of experience, this doesn’t happen. Not only does your body get rid of unwanted waste and toxic matter during the week, you also let go of old addictions and tastes. Your palate changes and old eating habits usually disappear. That cup of espresso or packet of crisps you used to crave may not taste as good after a fast, simply because rather than being a driven by addiction, your body is more in tune with its natural needs and your internal chemistry has been re-balanced.

With that in mind, the first weeks and months after your detox are a good time to capitalize on what you have acheived and continue with new lifestyle and dietary changes – without nearly so much rebellion from the body and mind!

I am still coming to terms with the transformation that took place for me and can’t quite believe how a week can change your life so profoundly. Carmel,  2013

Post detox maintenance

The after detox glow, the increase in energy and the more youthful exuberance (people often comment that they look 5–10 years younger!) can certainly last, but it is much more likely to last if you keep going with everything that you learnt about nutrition and healthy lifestyle during the detox week, plus taking time out for regular detox days at home.

After the detox week is the beginning of a new life for many people and we hope you will continue to reap the benefits from the detox long after you have returned home.