Airport Transfers info – Spain (Malaga airport)

Flights and Transfers information 

The transfers are from Malaga airport and are included in the cost of your retreat.

Once you have booked your flights please let us know the complete flight details (departure airport, airline, flight number, arrival time in Malaga, and departure time the following week).

Arrival time: You will need to book a flight which arrives at Malaga airport before 3.00pm on the arrival Saturday to tie in with the transfer arrangements.

There will 2 transfer times: a minibus leaving the airport at 12.30pm and a later transfer leaving the airport at 3.30pm.  If your flight arrives at Malaga after 3.00pm we will need to pass on the cost of the extra transfer which will be around 85 euros per person. (We also begin the introductory detox talk at about 6.30pm which you would miss if you arrive too late).

Departure time: On the following Saturday the transfer bus takes everyone to Malaga airport at the same time and it usually gets there at about 10-10.15am. Book your return flight to leave Malaga airport any time after 11.45am to fit in with the time the bus gets to the airport. If your flight leaves before this time, we would need to book an earlier taxi for you and the cost is €145, however this would be shared with anyone else leaving early as well and is usually around €50 euros per person as a shared cost.  If your flight leaves from Malaga airport later in the evening you will have time to explore Malaga city and we can give you some ideas of what to do and where you can leave your luggage etc.

We will email you with the meeting point details a few days before your retreat begins.

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