Anna Begas

Anna Begas is originally from the Netherlands, she is a mother of two children and lives in the Alpujarras, Spain with her family.
Anna has had an interest in holistic healing since an early age. A traveler at heart, she explored many aspects of the human existence through her travels around the world, and her experience of different cultures, traditions and religions.

Studies in Western Herbal Medicine, Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic Massage, Reiki and Life Coaching, as well as her personal meditation practice and spiritual journey have furthermore deepened her understanding of how to work therapeutically with mind, body and spirit.
Anna has studied Western anatomy and physiology extensively, including the energetic anatomy of the body from an Ayurvedic view.
In her work as a therapist, Anna combines her academic knowledge, the wisdom of ancient traditions, a deep intuitive understanding, heart-centered spirituality and western coaching techniques (such as neuro-linguistic programming, active listening, assertive communication).
She works from inner silence, allowing clients to get in touch with their own inner silence, and letting natural relaxation and healing flow through the body and mind.
Anna has worked as a massage therapist since 2009. She practices in Orgiva, southern Spain and travels to other countries including the Netherlands and Switzerland to offer treatments.

Massage during your detox retreat

Receiving massages helps the body to get rid of toxins and is very helpful during your detox retreat. One of the key aspects of Anna’s treatments is to help each individual find their own unique state of balance. This often includes the release of physical and emotional tension from the body and mind, as well as trauma release and recovery. Anna’s focus is on self-love.
Her years with Detox International have shown that the physical cleansing is deeply nourished, supported and accelerated by Ayurvedic massage therapy, on the emotional, physical and spiritual levels. And that the combination of the detox regime and massage treatments can be very powerful and transformational.

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