Arthritis & Detox… how can detox help?

Our experience with arthritis is that it usually responds very well to the detox process. This is because detox opens up the body’s channels of elimination allowing toxins to be safely released, and essentially restores the right chemical balance to the whole system. Arthritis is linked to the body being too ‘acidic’ which leads to the build up of acidic waste products in the joints causing pain and swelling. The whole detox process is designed to alkalise the body thus reducing the inflammation linked with acidity. A change of diet is also a key step towards rebalancing body chemistry.

The idea behind our detox retreats was to create an ideal environment to allow the process of healing to happen. We take a holistic view of healing, and combine the strength of the physical detox process with complementary therapies to help you to get to the root cause of your conditions / symptoms. In this way each individual is able to heal to the level they need in a professional and supportive environment.

How much each person gains from the detox week and how much a specific condition improves, depends on many things – such as the depth of the condition, how long you have had it, the underlying factors of age, predisposition / inherited factors and many more that are unseen.

Our philosophy is that all physical symptoms start on the deeper emotional / mental levels. For example, unhealed hurt, traumas, abuses, anger, fear etc. will all ultimately manifest as physical disharmony. In Chinese medicine arthritis is linked to the wood element and often a person’s liver and gall bladder will also be out of balance in health terms. This may be because they are stuck in their emotions in some way, usually stuck in anger, unexpressed or expressed too much, or simply not letting go of past anger. Several studies have shown that emotional stress plays a significant role in rheumatic arthritis. Arthritis sufferers are found to:

“…try overly hard to be nice to other people, to not lean on others for emotional support, and to stow things away down inside, especially anger.”

During the detox process we help you to acknowledge and heal feelings which are no longer helpful so that you can move forward towards greater health, often in a completely transformational way. We have witnessed many cases of chronic arthritis disappear once an emotional issue has been addressed. This often resonates with people if they think back to when their symptoms first started and how they were feeling – what traumas or upsets preceded the start of your symptoms? All disease has a root cause or ‘trigger’ and we believe this starts at a deeper level that just the physical.

We can’t promise anything more than what we believe to be one of the best environments in which to heal, where you will be supported and helped all the way by people who are dedicated and experienced in this work. We have had several clients over the years with various forms and degrees of arthritis and each one has improved to some extent and often to a great degree after the detox process. Diet and lifestyle changes are also very important to support improvements and we give you plenty of advice and consultation time to discuss the way forward post detox to meet your individual needs.

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