Can detox help you find your true path in life?

People often ask me what I do for a living; and the short answer is that I run detox retreats. That might be enough of an answer for some, but others ask more questions, are interested in digging a bit deeper into what detox means, what detox offers and what it might be able to achieve for them. Detox isn’t all that it at first seems to be. Perhaps you think it’s a good way to lose weight and revitalise the body. It does that for certain and a WHOLE lot more. One of the most profound effects of detox is the way the process can help you make shifts on the non-physical level. It can help you find yourself again. These shifts are intense and life changing. We don’t use the phrase “life changing retreats” lightly; we see it happen on every retreat. Essentially, detox is a way to help people to heal. Heal their body, their mind, their emotions and their spirit. It is the power of detox that allows people to make deep and lasting changes and for many, it is a means to find their true path in life.

So how is this possible? How can a physical process work across the layers of our being and affect the spiritual, mental and the emotional too?

Through the eyes of modern medicine we have come to see ourselves as separate parts with specialists in skin diseases, specialists in ears, noses and throats and so on. But we are not separate physical parts, nor is the physical divorced from the mental or emotional; we are a whole being, each part affects the whole. Groundbreaking scientific studies have found that genes can be turned on and off by thoughts, feelings and emotions. Every thought or feeling we have has the potential of moving from the mind into the physical structure of the body where it can trigger disease. Unhealed hurts, trauma, abuse, anger, fear etc. can all ultimately manifest as physical disharmony.

During the detox process you can release and heal thoughts and feelings which are no longer helpful so that you can move forward towards greater health and happiness, often in a completely transformational way. When you start to detoxify your body at cell level, your whole being is affected and old emotions and attitudes trapped in the cells can also start to be released. We hold a lot of emotion in our intestines and this highlights the facts that colon cleansing is much more than just a physical thing. I have so often witnessed for example a case of chronic constipation disappear once an emotional issue has been addressed. This is why it’s important to be emotionally supported during a detox as past hurts and angers may re-emerge, ready to be finally cleared and healed.

After a detox, many people feel completely revitalized, uplifted, and freed of old patterns, thoughts, feelings and memories that have been holding them back. When someone is looking for personal growth and wants to change their consciousness, but is stuck in old negative patterns of thinking and feeling, there is nothing that will get them unstuck faster than detoxifying. We can all get stuck in conditioning; listening more to what our parents, family or friends want for us, than what we feel is right for us. Perhaps you were told at school you would never achieve much in life, or felt unappreciated by your parents and never aimed for much. Detox can open a new door, help you to see yourself more clearly and allow you to throw off the old skins of conditioning.

Detox can help you to come to a point of transformation within yourself; to find your own power and to find your essential self. To get rid of layers of protective walls, to understand and let go of the initial traumas that caused you to build up these walls. Once this happens, your vitality starts to rise and your sense of joyful connectedness to yourself, others and nature starts to expand. You feel in touch with yourself and feel the calling of your inner voice to find the path that is only yours. You feel in love with your life.

On our detox retreats we don’t promise anything more than what we believe to be the best environment in which to heal, be it mind, body or spirit, and where you will be supported and helped all the way to move towards a healthy future.

If you are at the point of wanting transformation and looking for your true path in life, then consider using the detox process to help you.

“I feel I have returned to myself, have empowered myself to cope better with life and discovered my base wisdom”. Saskia

“Thank you for the extraordinary life changing experience”. Ariana 

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