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There’s no such thing as detox! by Midi Fairgrieve

I read a post on Facebook recently, which went like this “There’s no such thing as detox. It has no scientific basis”. Well, it got me thinking. ...Read More

Fasting into the light by Greta Solomon

The Detox International programme was holistic, fusing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. On a physical level I wanted to feel fit and healthy, to feel like myself again, and lose the last bits of stubborn baby weight. I got much more than that. I feel like I got a fresh start. ...Read More

Can detox help you find your true path in life?

People often ask me what I do for a living; and the short answer is that I run detox retreats. That might be enough of an answer for some, but others ask more questions, are interested in digging a bit deeper into what detox means, what detox offers and what it might ...Read More

Detox, Cancer and Me by Dee Atkinson, herbalist

Like most trauma, the diagnosis of cancer takes a while to sink in. It takes time to truly occupy all of your thoughts and for your mind to process what is happening.  It’s an odd experience and one that only someone who has experienced cancer can really understand. With the ageing process, ...Read More

Reducing the risk of cancer with a healthy lifestyle

In the news yesterday in the UK it was reported that one in every 2 of us will get cancer at some point in our lives, this refers to those born after 1960. 1 in 2 of us? Really? The main reason given for this rise in cancer rates is due to ...Read More

Why getting flu can boost your health!

I had flu 2 weeks ago and it made me think about it more deeply in terms of health and disease. We all want to avoid flu, but if you do get it, is it a bad thing? Winter brings with it coughs, colds and flu, and as a nutritionist I am always interested ...Read More

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