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Can Fasting Reverse Serious Disease?

Fasting is getting a lot of scientific attention at the moment especially with so much new research emerging about the powerful health benefits of intermittent fasting, (such as The Fast Diet 5:2 approach) from weight loss to slowing down the ageing process; but for me, some of the most exciting new evidence emerging is around the ...Read More

What it means to Detox

‘What it means to Detox’, emerged from a conversation I had with The Retreat Company who we advertise our retreats with. We were discussing subject heading categories for their website and I mentioned that many holidays listed under their heading of ‘detox’ were not actually offering detox. As the founder of a ...Read More

Best DETOX retreats around the world

HOORAY! We've been voted one of the best DETOX retreats around the world by Food Matters. Visit and click on healing clinics to see what they have to say. ...Read More

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