Detox Clinics Spain

Detox International Clinics in Europe and UK

It has been our wish for some time to create a directory of highly experienced complementary therapists who we can personally recommend to you; extending the reach of the detox retreats and providing both pre and post detox support and one to one consultations for those requiring additional support and advice. ...Read More

CLINICS – Yair Sagy

Yair Sagy's Mind-Body acupuncture is unique in its diagnostic method and application. A session is opened with a brief conversation about the challenges faced by the client. ...Read More

CLINICS – Ziza Fernandes Sagy

During the last 7 years Ziza developed unique style of therapy that includes Foot Reading and Holistic Reflexology. Ziza has developed a special therapy that combines foot reading and reflexology. ...Read More

CLINICS – Heath Wilson

The Rolf Method of Structural Integration—also known as Rolfing—is a powerfully transformative type of bodywork with lasting results. It will improve your body's posture and function and reduce symptoms of pain and limited mobility that arise, not only from poor posture, but also from emotional holding patterns, injury, surgery and illness. ...Read More

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