The therapy team

Midi Fairgrieve

Midi Fairgrieve's experience of working with both cancer and infertility with specific detoxification regimes has given her great insights into the power of detoxification and inspired her to create a programme which is uniquely holistic in its approach. This was the inspiration for creating Detox International, where people could come and retreat ...Read More

Yair Sagy

Yair is a native of Israel and together with his wife, Ziza, runs a successful holistic centre in Lanjaron, Spain. They have both been working with Detox International since it's beginnings and the combination of their incredible therapies and healing hands is a powerful addition to the juice detox programme. ...Read More

Ziza Fernandes Sagy

In the years that I am working with the DETOX groups I developed my unique style of therapy that includes Foot Reading and Holistic Reflexology. I have found that this combination greatly enhances and supports the DETOX process. ...Read More

Heath Wilson

The Rolf method is a system of body work based on structural integration. It is a process of re-educating the body through movement and touch. ...Read More

Jem Friar

I specialised in the field of fasting and detoxification several years ago, when I discovered how profoundly and deeply people could heal, rebalance, change and grow, when on a fully held and supported Detox retreat. ...Read More

Marianne Callaghan

Marianne firmly believes that everyone can achieve optimum health through a holistic approach: detoxification, proper nourishment and letting go of old patterns. ...Read More

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