Healing Disease

Losing Weight & Detox

How can a Detox help? For some people losing weight is the primary aim of coming on a detox retreat; for others it is an added bonus. A comprehensive detoxification programme of fasting and colon cleansing aids the weight loss process not just due to the fact that you stop eating your normal diet for the ...Read More

Skin Conditions & Detox

There are many different kinds of skin complaints from eczema and acne to psoriasis and dermatitis. Some skin conditions just cause minor discomfort, but others can affect people quite seriously, especially their self-confidence. Skin problems can arise when the body’s toxic load becomes too great and the skin becomes overloaded and struggles to eliminate effectively. ...Read More

Psoriasis & Detox

There are many different kinds of psoriasis and a multitude of ways it can affect people’s lives. For some people it just causes minor discomfort, whilst for others it can affect them quite seriously, especially their self-confidence. Psoriasis tends to be ‘triggered’ by something; for example it can arise when the body’s toxic load becomes ...Read More

Fibromyalgia & Detox

Fibromyalgia is a complex disease with many symptoms, but the main characteristics are chronic pain and fatigue. It involves both widespread myalgia (muscle pain) and localized pain in specific areas, particularly in the muscles around the joints. Basically it affects the fibrous tissues of the body. The musculoskeletal symptoms include pain, stiffness and tenderness. Pain commonly ...Read More

Bowel Conditions & Detox

Our experience with bowel conditions, such as IBS, chronic constipation, diarrhoea and candida, is that they usually respond very well to the detox process. This is because detox opens up the body’s channels of elimination, improving both digestion and elimination, allowing your body to detoxify naturally and let go of the internal toxic burden. During ...Read More

Arthritis & Detox… how can detox help?

Our experience with arthritis is that it usually responds very well to the detox process. This is because detox opens up the body’s channels of elimination allowing toxins to be safely released, and essentially restores the right chemical balance to the whole system. Arthritis is linked to the body being too ‘acidic’ which leads to ...Read More

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