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Heath WilsonName: Heath Wilson

Therapies:  Rolf Method of Structural Integration (Rolfing); Cranio-Sacral Therapy; Somatic Experiencing; Massage Therapy.

Clinic locations:

COLOGNE, GERMANY (main practise)
LONDON (monthly)
MARBELLA, SPAIN (periodically)

Phone: 0049 157 8686 5048



Support during and after your detox retreat:

I have worked with people in a therapeutic context for more than 18 years and in a specifically detox environment for more than 8 years. It’s a great privilege to work with clients during detox as they are so open for change. It is also rewarding to support them after detox as they integrate new understandings and health choices into their lives. My greatest professional moments are when I see my clients during sessions discover their own profound truths about how they can live in their body–and in their life—more easilly and joyously. I am very happy to have a broad range of training so that I can customize the session according to what my clients are needing in the moment to serve their journey toward holism.

The effects of Rolf Sessions (Rolf Method of Structural Integration) are transformative; yielding a more pain free, tall, supple and balanced body. You feel lighter and more at ease. Your posture improves effortlessly as your body becomes more organized. Your feet become strain free and gain better contact with the ground. Your legs straighten out and move more fluidly. Your pelvis finds a healthy neutral position to support the upper body, alleviating any strain or discomfort in the lower back. Your spine lengthens and finds better alignment so that your shoulder, neck and head rest comfortably in line with your lower body. Grinding teeth at night and chronic headaches become things of the past. Movement is more integrated and pleasurable. Feeling better at a structural level in your body has also wonderful influences on your sense of self, inner peace and general outlook on life. This is a hands-on treatment that lengthens and repositions your body’s unifying web of connective tissue known as fascia, your body’s very special organ of structure, which gives you your shape.

CranioSacral Therapy

This is a gentle giant therapy in that through an extremely sensitive and supportive touch, your body releases deep tensions to relieve pain and dysfunction, resulting in greater well-being. Held within the soft tissue layers, these tensions can be old wounds, injuries and emotional holding that can block the flow of vitality and normal function of the body.  The therapeutic focus here is in releasing restrictions held in the soft tissues that surround the central nervous system. As your body is able to unravel and process these events of the past in a nourishingly supportive way on its own terms, you feel rejuvenated, more alive and calm.

Somatic Experiencing

Also known as Trauma Healing, it developed from observing how animals in the wild rarely exhibit signs of trauma, even though they are often exposed to extreme stress. Why aren’t human beings that way? In exploring that question for many years, Dr. Peter A. Levine found his answer, which also gave rise to his healing art, Somatic Experiencing. Heath will support and gently guide you through this amazing process in which you develop invaluable life-skills and self-awareness. This may or may not require hands-on bodywork. Whether you would like to explore a specific issue (such as a car accident) or general issues (such as  developmental trauma), Heath will provide the appropriate therapeutic container through which these unresolved traumatic events held within your nervous system are able to at last find release in a managed and healthy way. While emotional and cognitive aspects may arise during a session, this work’s focus is addressing these issues through the body with awareness. Somatic Experiencing is a sophisticated and delicate work which promotes self-regulation, vitality and wholeness.

Massage Therapy

is a wonderful gift to oneself. Heath’s Massage Therapy is diverse, drawing from many years of practice and study. It ranges from remedial and regenerative deep tissue work to purely relaxing and soothing massage. It’s great all around bodywork, reducing pain and stress, either locally or generally throughout the body. Sometimes emotional releases can accompany the release of physical tensions and Heath is well trained for supporting you in such growth enriching moments.

Meditation and Aerial Yoga Guidance also available.

About Heath:

Heath grew up in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and studied psychology at the University of Colorado at Boulder in the USA. After graduating in 1989, he traveled by bicycle through Latin America for two years “to test some of the theories he had learned in school.”
Heath has been a professional body therapist since 1995. He started as a Massage Therapist and Rolf Practitioner in the USA, later moving to Europe to live and work. In Spain he studied Osteopathy and Cranio Sacral Therapy and began working with Detox-International in 2005. He also started a regular monthly practice in London which he maintains today. In Switzerland and Germany, Heath trained in Somatic Experiencing, also known as Trauma Healing, a gentle and powerful method of resolving trauma held in the body.
In addition to being a long time Vipassana meditator and client of psychotherapy, Heath has participated, assisted and worked within several training courses focused on self-development. Among these include: the Enneagram, Essence Work, Path of Love and a month long program at the Oneness University in Madras, India.
Heath now lives with his wife, two step daughters and two Bolonka Zwetnas in Cologne, Germany, where his main practice is located.

Fees (in Cologne):

Rolf Session €90
Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Somatic Experiencing €85

Massage Therapy €65
Sliding scale fee available.

To book a session:
Email Heath  or call  00 49 157 8686 5048

For more information, please see:


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