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Therapies:  Body Mind Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Private Yoga classes

Clinic locations:

Notting Hill

Cortijo Las Amapolas

Phone / Skype consultations:
Please email Yair
Skype name – yair.sagy1

Mind Body Acupuncture:

Yair Sagy’s Mind-Body acupuncture is unique in its diagnostic method and application.

A session is opened with a brief conversation about the challenges faced by the client. Afterwards Yair observes the body’s electromagnetic field (aura) and the condition of the seven energy centres (chakras). Every centre reflects one’s mental, emotional and physical condition. When these centres are in a state of balance they send out a harmonious light. If there are any blockages then the energy appears shrunken and deformed.

Subsequently, Yair gives the client an understanding of the mental and emotional patterns which contribute to the physical and emotional symptoms. An important part of the treatment is to give the client tools to handle the problems which have been discussed throughout the session.

Finally, acupuncture is integrated in the treatment. The needles have an amazing power to harmonize the body and release the blocked areas. Consequently, Yair clears the path to good health.

In order to benefit the most from Yair’s treatment it is pivotal that one understands the connection between one’s way of thinking and one’s mental-physical health. When this connection becomes evident to the client, there is a good chance for them to fulfill their potential.

Mind Body Acupuncture during Detox International retreats:
In order to deepen the DETOX process it is crucial to understand the profound connection between the way you think and behave, past emotional and physical experiences and your current state of mental and physical health. When this connection is understood an important breakthrough is happening. To achieve that purpose most clients tend to have few sessions with Yair during the DETOX week. Each session leads to a deeper understanding and release taking place.

Consultation costs, London:
Mind Body Acupuncture – £100 first treatment (1.5 hour)

£70 follow up treatment (1 hour)

How to contact Yair:
Email Yair (the best way to make contact)
0034606953841 (Spain)
For more information, please see:

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