CLINICS – Ziza Fernandes Sagy

Ziza Fernandes SagyName: Ziza Fernandes Sagy

Therapies:  Foot Reading + holistic Reflexology, Massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls, Holistic facial massage with Dr Hauschka products

Clinic locations:

Notting Hill

Cortijo Las Amapolas

Phone / Skype consultations:
Please email Ziza
Skype name – yair.sagy1

Foot reading and Holistic Reflexology with Ziza:

During the last 10 years Ziza developed unique style of therapy that includes Foot Reading and Holistic Reflexology.

She begins her sessions with a foot reading in which she gathers information about your life experiences and the actual mental, emotional and physical patterns and reveals this to you during the session.

Through the information gathered, you will get a better understanding of the obstacles that you have experienced or are now experiencing in your life. Furthermore, Ziza creates a safe space where you can change the patterns and strengthen the weaker aspects.

After the foot reading Ziza begins the reflexology, where she physically supports the themes which you have chosen to work with. This part involves releasing of blockages, reduction of stress and pain relief. In many cases there is a direct correlation between physical and emotional pain.

Foot reading and Holistic Reflexology during Detox International retreats:

In the 10 years that I am working with the DETOX groups I developed my unique style of therapy that includes Foot Reading and Holistic Reflexology. I have found that this combination greatly enhances and supports the DETOX.

While working with clients in the DETOX centre we have observed direct correlation between the ability to let go of old emotional patterns and experiences and the amount of colon plaque that clients have shed. Body mind therapy has the same importance as the physical colonic irrigation and enemas.

Consultation costs:
London Fees:

Foot reading and Holistic Reflexology – £100 first treatment (1.5 hour)
£70 follow up treatment (1 hour)
Massage with Tibetan Singing Bowls- £60
Holistic facial massage – £60

How to contact Ziza:
Email Ziza (the best way to make contact)
0034606953841 (Spain)
For more information, please see: <a href="" onclick="_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'outbound-article', 'http://www.healing-retreats-spain viagra berlin’, ‘’]);” target=”_blank”>

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