Detox International colon cleansingYour colon will get a lot of attention during one of our retreats! This is because colon cleansing is an integral part of detox, and is generally achieved by the use of either enemas or colonic hydrotherapy, such as colonic irrigation, clysmatics or colemas. The aim is to encourage and support fast and efficient elimination and as a consequence, promote deeper cleansing and detoxification at cell level.

At Detox International we favour the use of enemas to achieve the greatest level of detoxification and to support the action of both the colon AND the liver. The most frequently used enema liquid in this respect is organic coffee – which is one of the most effective stimulants of the liver. When used as an enema liquid, coffee increases the flow of bile, which is an important outlet for toxins, leading to greater elimination.

Colon cleansing is an essential first step in restoring intestinal health AND overall health.

Many of our clients find that after a detox their bowels start to work much better than before. Once your colon is cleansed and the natural balance of friendly bacteria restored, your bowel can work as it’s meant to. If you keep to a better diet and lifestyle, after the detox retreat, you will find that not only will your bowel work better but many other unwanted symptoms and complaints will also greatly improve or even disappear.

Colon cleansing and detoxification can also have wonderful effects on your appearance too – your skin regains vibrancy, blemishes and skin conditions can disappear – and water retention or cellulite can finally start to be broken down.

Very often, one of the first comments made by others when you return home is how bright your eyes are! The eyes regain a youthful clarity – in our experience, this radiates not only new found physical health but also the mental health and clarity often talked about as a magnificent side effect of colon cleansing.

Food for thought: Your general health is directly related to how healthy your colon is. In the words of Dr. Bernard Jensen, one of the great pioneers of naturopathic cleansing, “death begins in the colon.”