In Addition to the juice fasting detox programme, we have a team of experienced therapists on hand throughout the week to assist you on all levels. Please note that the complementary therapies are optional and are not included in the price of the Detox week.


(Yair is available on all of our retreats)

Yair’s system of Acupuncture is unique in its diagnosis and application.

In order to diagnose, Yair examines the electromagnetic field around the client (Aura) as well as the energetic state of the main 7 energy centres (Chakras). After concluding the diagnostic process we will try to discuss and understand the mental emotional patterns which contribute to your physical and emotional symptoms. The acupuncture needles are inserted on related points in order to harmonize the body and free up blocked areas. Detoxifying old emotional patterns will greatly improve the physical Detox. When working on the physical level Acupuncture can help to reduce pain and enhance internal organ function.

The Energy Experience

This is an opportunity to deepen your experience in the magical world of energy by exploring the manifestation of energy in nature; how trees communicate, what the clouds say to the earth, how to listen to the subtle dance of energy within each person or plant and explore time and space.

Energy Reading for couples

This is a joint therapy session in which Yair will be exploring and healing your relationship by removing any blocks to the energy flow. He views the couple (or it may be 2 family members or other partners) as one entity that requires a smooth flow of energy to ensure a harmonious relationship. By using his ability to ‘see’ the energy, Yair can spot blockages in the energy field that are preventing a free flow to exist between the couple.  By bringing it to the surface and by addressing the reasons for the blockages, the energy can resume a healthy flow, allowing harmony and love to return.

Individual Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy with Yair is the adaptation of yoga postures to suit your particular need and ability taking into account individual health challenges. Yair will prescribe yoga postures, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques tailored to your specific needs. You will be given a personal yoga practice to continue with at home.

Mind Body Acupuncture – 1 hour – 65 euros,   Mind Body Acupuncture for couples – 1 + 1/2 hours – 90 euros
Shiatsu, Yoga Therapy, Energy Experience – 60 euros for 1 hr consultation


(Ziza is available on all of our retreats)

Foot Reading – by examining the foot we can “read” and understand one’s life history and current state the effects on one’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. Our feet are extremely sensitive and register every change in the different aspects of our existence.

Foot reading will deepen your understanding into the major emotional, physical and mental patterns that are taking place in your life.

This fresh look and new angle on your life can serve as a stepping stone for creating required life changes.

Reflexology is a healing art based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet which correspond to all the glands, organs and other parts of the body. It is a natural, non-invasive way of stimulating the internal organs, thereby increasing circulation and restoring bodily functions to normal. What are the benefits of reflexology? Reflexology can reduce stress, relieve headaches, treat digestive disorders, allergies, increase energy levels, improve circulation, cleanse the body of toxins and strengthen the immune system.

The traditional Tibetan singing bowl with its powerful overtones can cause the individual to achieve the “relaxation response” effortlessly. The combination between sound, vibration and physical contact create an effect which travels through the body, generating a feeling of expansion and well-being. The sound waves affect each cell in the human body and remind the body of its natural harmony. You start to drift and daydream as the sound waves wash through your cells with their rejuvenating and strengthening power.

A massage with Tibetan singing bowls creates a state of deep relaxation, activates self-healing processes and releases creative energy.

Wholistic facial massage is a complete mind body spirit experience.

This is one hour treatment with Dr. Hauschka organic and biodynamic skincare products during which your face will be gently and deeply cleansed followed by a relaxing and rejuvenating facial massage treatment. Circulation is increased, improving nourishment to the skin.  Gentle massage of pressure points calm and soothe the nervous system.  Lymph drains away toxins and impurities.

A holiday for the mind and skin, this massage improves skin tone and elasticity, and is firming and hydrating.  A natural lift for the face, leaving you feeling relaxed and your skin revitalised.

Foot reading – 30 mins – 30 euros
Reflexology – 1 hour – 60 euros
Combination of foot reading and reflexology – 1.5 hours – 80 euros
Massage with Tibetan bowls – 1 hour – 50 euros
Wholistic facial massage – 1 hour – 55 euros


(Heath is available ONLY on our retreats in Spain) 

Heath has worked with people in a therapeutic context for more than 18 years, and with Detox International for over 8 years. He has a broad range of training, which allows him to customize sessions according to what each client needs in the moment to serve their journey toward holism.

Rolf method of Structural Integration

The effects of Rolf Sessions are transformative; yielding a more pain free, tall, supple and balanced body. You will feel lighter and more at ease. Your posture will improve effortlessly as your body becomes more organized. Your feet become strain free and gain better contact with the ground. Your legs straighten out and move more fluidly. Your pelvis finds a healthy neutral position to support the upper body, alleviating any strain or discomfort in the lower back. Your spine lengthens and finds better alignment so that your shoulder, neck and head rest comfortably in line with your lower body. Grinding teeth at night and chronic headaches become things of the past. Movement is more integrated and pleasurable. Feeling better at a structural level in your body has also wonderful influences on your sense of self, inner peace and general outlook on life. This is a hands-on treatment that lengthens and repositions your body’s unifying web of connective tissue known as fascia, your body’s very special organ of structure, which determines your posture.

Benefits during detox:  Rolf sessions also facilitate the release of toxins trapped deep within the layers of connective tissue.  A detox is an ideal time to receive Rolf sessions as your body will eliminate these unblocked toxins more efficiently.

Somatic experiencing
Also known as Trauma Healing, it developed from observing how animals in the wild rarely exhibit signs of trauma, even though they are often exposed to extreme stress. Why aren’t human beings that way? In exploring that question for many years, Dr. Peter A. Levine found is answer, which also gave rise to his healing art, Somatic Experiencing. Heath will support and gently guide you through this amazing process in which you develop invaluable life- skills and self-awareness. This may or may not require hands-on bodywork. Whether you would like to explore a specific issue (such as a car accident) or general issues (such as developmental trauma), Heath will provide the appropriate therapeutic container through which these unresolved traumatic events held within your nervous system are able to at last find release in a managed and healthy way. While emotional and cognitive aspects may arise during a session, this work’s focus is addressing these issues through the body with awareness. Somatic Experiencing is a sophisticated and delicate work which promotes self-regulation, vitality and wholeness.

Craniosacral therapy is a ‘gentle giant’ therapy in that through an extremely sensitive and supportive touch, your body releases deep tensions to relieve pain and dysfunction, resulting in greater well-being. Held within the soft tissue layers, these tensions can be old wounds, injuries and emotional holding that can block the flow of vitality and normal function of the body.  The therapeutic focus here is in releasing restrictions held in the soft tissues that surround the central nervous system. As your body is able to unravel and process these events of the past in a nourishing and supportive way on its own terms, you feel rejuvenated, more alive and calm.

Rolfing – 1 hour – 65 euros
CranioSacral Therapy – 1 hour – 60 euros
Somatic Experiencing – 1 hour – 60 euros


(Anna is available ONLY on our retreats in Spain) 

Anna is an ITEC qualified Holistic Massage therapist and Ayurvedic Massage therapist. Through experience as well as academic study, she has developed extensive knowledge of physiology and anatomy, and has developed a deep understanding of the importance of a holistic approach to health. She integrates this understanding into her practice as a massage therapist.

Abyangham massage is the authentic heart of the Ayurvedic system of healing. It is a full-body massage which helps you to find balance, returning to a state of health. It helps to unblock stagnated energy, tone the vital energy, as well as the nervous and muscular tissues; accelerating the detoxification process in the body.

The effects of Ayurvedic massage can be felt deeply on the physical and mental-emotional levels. The type of massage, as well as the type of oils used, differs according to the needs of each individual person.

 Colonic massage

In colonic massage Anna uses abdominal massage combined with pressure points, to help the digestive functions in the body, release stagnated energy and the emotions connected to this, and support the detoxification process. The massage takes half an hour and is best received after an enema. Results can be felt on the physical as well as a deep emotional level.


The use of flower-essences can be very effective, especially during a time of fasting. Anna may provide flower-essences, when there is a need to go deeper into an emotional process, or when you need to receive more support with this process. The selected plants Anna uses for this purpose are intimately known to her, and the flower-essences are usually her own home-made ones.

Ayurvedic massage – 1 hour – 60 euros,  Ayurvedic massage – 1 + 1/2 hours – 75 euros
Colonic massage – ½ an hour – 30 euros
Flower Essences – 15 euros