Detox International PLUS Law of Attractions

Law of Attraction workshops

You might have come across the concept of the Law of Attraction already, read a book, or seen a film about the Law of Attraction, such as the best-selling book and film ‘The Secret’; but are still finding it an abstract concept and hard to apply these teachings to your life. The workshops with Midi Fairgrieve and Marianne Callaghan will help you to ground this universal law into real life and help you to fully embrace these principles at a heart level. In the workshops we will teach you practical ways of applying the Law of Attraction in your everyday life and help you to understand how you can consciously manifest what you would like to experience, whether that is a fulfilling job, a loving relationship, vibrant health etc.

In these potentially life-changing workshops you will discover –

  • What the law of attraction is.
  • How your energetic vibration is key to what you attract in your life.
  • How you can recognize and take more control of the vibration you give out.
  • The power of your emotions.
  • Practical tools to transform your energy.

You will also discover what blocks, limiting beliefs or sabotaging patterns you hold that could be blocking your ability to attract into your life what you want.

During the workshops you will learn how to create the life YOU want by applying laws that have been known through the ages and are now becoming more fully understood scientifically with Quantum physics. This retreat will also include 2 workshops on Loving Connections.


Dear Midi, I wanted to share my thoughts & experiences with you about the ‘Law of Attraction’ detox week. I’d heard of this ‘stuff!’ & been a bit sceptical of it, I’d read about it but never really grasped the concept, however after settling in at the beautiful retreat centre Karen’s daily workshops during the week changed all that & within a matter of days on the detox positive things began to manifest, just little things at first but then I was only focusing on little things & not just for me but for other detoxers too & as time has passed & my focus has continued, quite frankly nothing short of miracles have begun to happen to me & guess what? Yep! You guessed it. All manifested by me and my new vibration.

By the end of the detox it was all so clear how it works and I’ve laminated the handouts which are pinned up in the kitchen as a positive reminder. I saw how & why certain negative & troublesome issues continually played out in my life & how not ONLY I COULD CHANGE THEM but could COMPLETELY STOP THEM FROM CONTINUING TO MANIFEST which clearly has lead to some big decisions being made, plenty of realizations and MANY positive changes in my life.

I’m caring for myself better than I ever have done before, my health is excellent and mentally & emotionally I’m positive and peaceful. I have also become kinder, gentler & more caring towards myself. All of which is a MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS STUFF! It’s AWESOME!

You, Karen, Yair & Ziza totally rock!!! & the staff at Monte na Luz are as delicious as are the juices they make. Thanks a million or two, or three, or four or even more to you all.

Big love Sara XXXXXXX  (2015)