Detox PLUS Relationships

Loving Connections Workshops

Every few years we like to bring a new theme to one or two of our Portugal retreats, especially for our regular clients who already have a really good understanding about nutrition and health, which is the foundation of our Mind / Body Detox Retreats in Spain. Building on the success of last year’s themed workshops we are continuing to offer afternoon workshops, including two in which we explore loving connections.

Overall, the retreat will be the same as our renowned Mind / Body Detox Retreats, with freshly made organic juices, a range of nutritional and herbal supplements, liver & colon cleansing, yoga and complementary therapies; but with the addition of daily workshops exploring our loving connection to ourselves and to the world in order to create more abundance, beauty and happiness in our lives.

The focus of the workshops will be on you (the individual) making it ideal for anyone who is interested in bringing more love into their relationships, whether it is your relationship with yourself you want to deepen, or with your partner, spouse, work colleagues, friends, or family or you simply want to feel happier and more fulfilled in your life. This is the retreat that will help you find a loving connection to the whole of life. There will also be plenty of time too for relaxing by the pool and just BE-ing.

The Workshops

During the workshops we will explore how our choices so often come from a place of fear and turn them around into love so that we can radiate true joy with inner confidence into the world as we realign ourselves to a new happier and more satisfying life.  You will participate in a love circle where you can experience the giving and receiving of true unconditional love.  This can be an incredibly moving experience and allows you to really feel and embody the power of loving connection. The workshops will help you to understand yourself and others better and give you tools and techniques so that you can connect and communicate with others more deeply and lovingly and create lasting love, understanding and fulfilment in your life.

The workshops will be interactive, revealing, fun and uplifting. This retreat will also include 2 workshops on the Law of Attraction.

Everyone will have an opportunity for an individual consultation with Marianne or Midi during the week (included in the price of the retreat). We can use this time to go deeper into aspects of the workshops that you would like to focus on specifically or look at your diet and eating going forward after the retreat.

Dates and Venue:

We will be running our themed workshops in Portugal – In May and September. Click here for dates.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend that first time detoxers to chose one of our foundation Mind / Body Detox retreats as their first experience if new to detox because understanding the healing power of a healthy diet is so important and we can’t cover this fully on the themed workshop retreat weeks.