A selection of fertility detox testimonials from our clients

Detox International got me pregnant! what I mean by that is, my husband and I were trying for a baby for 7 years, we had countless rounds of IVF, with all different types of treatment but nothing. Then in March 2014 I went on the 7 day juice detox in Spain and by July of that year I was pregnant. My cholesterol was also down from 5.6 to 2.9 in 4 months. I firmly believe the programme at Detox International played a key role in me getting pregnant. We now have a beautiful 1 yr old daughter, it really was a life changing retreat for me. Thank you, Alice x

I write with the wonderful news that I´m pregnant, 7 months exactly today. Yes, and it is quite amazing after more then 3 years of intense attempts to fall pregnant, this time it was a spontaneous pregnancy. When we met at the Detox week in March last year I was down and out after 4 failed IVF treatments, 2 misscarriages and 2 operations where they took away myoma from my womb. The weeks retreat in Spain helped me to find myself and I found the courage to want to stop all treatments and continue to live without the hope for a baby. My partner and I went through it all in good synergy and we made peace with it.

I really went through my own journey of mourning, anger, acceptance and so on. It was a matter of trail and error, falling and getting back on my feet, slowly starting to feel the joy bubble of life again. I supported myself with good nutrition and supplements, yoga, writing and contemplation and took the time to get whole again. Through all the hospital visits, disappointments I had seriously lost contact with my intuition and I was so pleased to start loving myself again, and life for that matter.

I am the proudest pregnant  42-year old walking around in Stockholm and am grateful, delighted and so touched I am able to go through this amazing experience. I give a big thank you to Life and would like to thank you and your whole team a big virtual hug for bringing back my energy and believe in myself. The best decision I made. Saskia, 2013

My husband and I had our first baby last summer (I was almost 41), having tried for two years to get pregnant. Now that we have our lovely, healthy boy, I am convinced that the efforts we both made to optimise our health had a direct positive result in not only being able to conceive, but in ensuring that our baby’s development over the nine months was a healthy one. And I don’t feel that it is chance that he is a very easy and content baby who eats and sleeps well and has such a happy temperament.

I feel so fortunate that I met Midi and we followed the ‘natural’ approach. I found the week’s detox retreat in Spain an amazing experience – very ‘cleansing’ and revitalising. Not only was it very beneficial for the health of my body but I also learned so much that made a lot of sense, and put much of it into practice. And this knowledge and firm belief that we were optimising our chances of having a baby gave us focus and hope throughout the difficult times. I feel we have also given our boy the best start in life. (Caroline, Edinburgh) After the retreat, Caroline became pregnant quite quickly, having previously tried for many years without success.

Having detoxed with Midi 9 months previously (motivated by work related stress), I knew the overwhelming impact that a holistic detox can have on the mind and body. So when I turned 30 and decided that I wanted to start trying for a family I attended my 2nd detox. I have a long history of severely irregular periods. Prior to my first detox I would very rarely get periods closer than 3 months together – it was not uncommon for me to go 7 months without a period. My healthy post detox regime during the previous 9 months had seen an improvement (generally 7 – 9 weeks apart) however I was still concerned about the impact this would have on my ability to conceive naturally and quickly! Thankfully I had nothing to fear – with my body in optimum condition post detox 2 I was pregnant within 3 days of arriving home! I am now the proud mother of a gorgeous 12 month old baby boy, Riley, my detox baby! (Kelly, London)

We wanted to let you know we had a baby girl called Dorothy last Sunday morning. Who would have thought two and a half years ago when Mike and I were in Spain on the Fertility Detox Retreat that we would be a family of four now. We feel very lucky and blessed and you, your team and the retreat have a large part in where we are today in so many ways. (Marie, Mike, Harry and Dottie)

James and I wanted to let you know that we are pregnant! I am positive that our experience at the Detox in Spain in December and our ongoing diet have been the main reason! Thanks to all of you at Detox International! (Lara)