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Planning for a pregnancy is possibly the first and most important step you can take  towards getting your body, diet and lifestyle into shape

Midi Fairgrieve, founder, Detox International

Your own fertility and the future good health of your child can be very much influenced by diet and lifestyle in the months before conception. It is in your power to make a difference. A detox retreat is a huge step forward in this respect for anyone wanting to work on their fertility. Over the years we have found increasing number of clients looking to either enhance their fertility or overcome fertility problems; and what we were already offering within the detox programme was having a purely positive effect on fertility.  If you would like to specifically focus on preconception health, we have added in a special fertility workshop during the retreat which is given by Midi, the founder of Detox International, who has many years experience in helping people with their fertility and overcame her own early menopause diagnosis to successful conceive at the age of 40.

How does detox help boost fertility?

We now know that toxins stored in the mother are passed onto the child, but what many people don’t realize is that toxins in the father are also passed on to the child.  This is why is is so important that BOTH prospective parents aim to get into optimum health before conceiving, whether or not you have existing or known fertility issues. Today’s children can be born with over 250 carcinogens, neuro-toxins and endocrine disruptors. These toxins can severely damage the physical and mental development of the foetus which can lead to severe food sensitivities, allergies, skin problems such as eczema, developmental problems, as well as celiac disease and autism. Research shows that improving your health before conception has a positive influence of the future health of your child.  Through the detox process, we aim to enhance your ability to conceive, and give you as much information as possible about how to improve your chances after the retreat, including nutritional advice, information on chemicals, toxins, and lifestyle etc. so that you can give the best start to your baby’s life. Detox helps to bring your body and hormones into balance and importantly can help to unearth the root cause of any fertility problems. Infertility is not always a physical thing and in our experience, emotional reasons such as fear, grief, a difficult childhood, can all influence a person’t ability to conceive (this includes influencing the health of a man’s sperm).  We hope to give you a clear picture of what you can do to increase your chances and of course the detox process itself is a powerful healer.

Our detox programme offers a truly integrated approach, which looks at the whole person, enabling couples with fertility issues to greatly improve their chances of conceiving successfully. The complementary treatments we offer include acupuncture, reflexology, diet and supplements advice which specifically focus on enhancing your fertility.

Who can be helped?

Our detox programme is suitable for anyone planning a family; men and women, for those who are having problems conceiving or have had problems once they have conceived, including miscarriage, still and premature birth, ectopic pregnancy, as well as individuals (or couples) who simply wish to be in the best of health before conception. (read some of our client testimonials here)

Fertility, like any other aspect of your body’s health, can be positively or negatively influenced by lifestyle and diet. The detox process helps enhance fertility in a number of ways including supporting optimum hormone balance and sperm health.

Detoxification, optimum nutrient levels and a balanced mental, emotional, and spiritual outlook have a very powerful effect on improving overall health and increasing fertility.

All sorts of different factors can influence your fertility. In some cases underlying health issues may be adversely affecting fertility, such as IBS, constipation, thrush or allergies. Once these conditions are cleared up, a successful pregnancy so often  follows. Conditions like these can deplete your body of much needed nutrients and drain its resources needed for a healthy functioning reproductive system.

Sometimes infertility is rooted in deeper psychological or emotional levels, causing physical problems to show up. Our detox programme is powerful and we take a holistic approach which combines a physical detox with a mental, emotion and spiritual detox as well. Using a variety of supplements and essential nutrients it enables the body to detoxify harmful toxins and toxic  metals in a safe way.

What is included:

The week will consist of the full detox programme including juice fasting, colon cleansing and yoga, combined with a specific fertility focussed workshop covering all aspects of fertility, diet and lifestyle relevant to improving your fertility.

Our aim is to give you the knowledge and naturopathic means to continue to take care of your health after the retreat pre and post conception.

We will be covering the following subjects during the fertility workshop:

  • Chemicals (agro-chemicals, household chemicals etc.) and how they affect your fertility
  • Nutrition & nutritional supplements for boosting fertility
  • Determining mineral and trace element requirements via the hair test analysis
  • The negative effects of social poisons and common stimulants on fertility & pregnancy
  • Male infertility
  • Female Infertility
  • Electromagnetic pollution
  • Individual case studies and nutritional consultation looking at your diet and lifestyle after the retreat

In addition we have a range of complementary therapies on offer including reflexology and acupuncture; both well know to help in the stimulation of the reproductive system. Other therapies include Shiatsu, therapeutic massage, cranio-sacral therapy, Rolfing (body work), foot reading.


The founder of detox International, Midi Fairgrieve, worked for many years with FORESIGHT, the Association for the Promotion of Natural Fertility and Preconception Care. Fertility it is a subject close to her heart, having treated her own premature menopause in her late thirties using a combined detox and nutritional programme, with additional complementary therapies, resulting in giving birth aged 40 to a healthy baby boy.

“My own journey through infertility has inspired me to develop a programme of detox and nutritional education to help others. Our aim is to nurture fertility clients with personalized care – recognizing that infertility can be a very sad and emotional subject. Our fertility detox programme is designed to enhance sperm health and enliven the female reproductive system and prepare it for carrying through a successful pregnancy.”

We are happy to keep working with you beyond the retreat week to provide continued follow-on support via skype or telephone consultations. Some of our therapists also regularly work in clinics in the UK which might be another option for you depending where you live. (see clinics).

Our detox week is designed to increase your awareness about exposure to toxins of all types, whether they be environmental or via food and water. We will be discussing your individual health issues and giving advice on diet, lifestyle and nutritional supplements going forward after the retreat.

Please contact retreats@detox-international.com if you would like to know more about how our fertility retreat can help you.

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