Fibromyalgia & Detox

Fibromyalgia is a complex disease with many symptoms, but the main characteristics are chronic pain and fatigue. It involves both widespread myalgia (muscle pain) and localized pain in specific areas, particularly in the muscles around the joints. Basically it affects the fibrous tissues of the body. The musculoskeletal symptoms include pain, stiffness and tenderness. Pain commonly occurs in the neck, back, shoulders, pelvis and hands. Other symptoms include: depressive symptoms, impairment of normal daily activities and sleep disturbance.

It seems to affect woman more than men with 80 – 90% of cases among women over 30. The condition is episodic, with flare-ups that vary in intensity and come and go over time. Detox can help many conditions because it affects the whole body, and when supported holistically, the root cause of an individual’s condition can usually be reached. How much each person gains from the detox process and how much a specific condition improves, depends on many things – such as the depth of the condition, how long they have had it, the underlying factors of age, predisposition / inherited factors and many more that are unseen.

A detox retreat gives clients the ideal environment to allow the process of healing to happen. We take a holistic view of healing, and combine the strength of the physical detox process with complementary therapies to help you to discover true health on all levels – body, emotions, mind and spirit. In this way each individual is able to heal to the level they need in a professional and supportive environment.

Nature is a most powerful force, and much can be achieved. Whether a condition is purely on a physical level, or has underlying and deeper emotional causes, the retreat week usually provides a way forward towards greater health, often in a completely transformational way. The following is a client’s description of her healing process:

“My story began in 2001 when one morning I woke up with severe muscle pain which felt like my skeleton was on fire. The doctor could only prescribe painkillers which did not work and could not explain as to what the muscle pain was. As conventional medicine did not work for me I decided to go to a physiotherapist, who then diagnosed fibromyalgia.

The massage helped, but only for a short while. As I was in severe pain I had to go back to my doctor who then prescribed a muscle relaxant to be taken by night and this I took for 7 years until I began the pre-detox diet. I heard about the detox programme when it was featured on TV. What appealed to me was the fact that by fasting, the body could heal itself. Which when you think about it makes common sense.

I decided to try it, and began the pre detox diet three weeks before I went on the retreat. I started to feel much better and when I went to Spain the detox process starting working straight away. Well the amount of colon plaque and mucus I released! The juices, supplements and broth, which you take approx every 2 hours were lovely. Never once was I hungry throughout the whole six days.

One of the nutritionists told me that fibromyalgia is caused by toxins lodged in the muscles. After 2 days I noticed that the pain was gone. I knew this when retiring to bed, I would have to stretch all my muscles to relax them and that night there was no pain. My God no pain in seven years!! How wonderful is that. I also did Rolfing therapy with Heath, which I found to be a great help as well. Due to bad posture through the years, he reshaped the way I walked and stood. A dormant sciatica nerve, which surfaced every so often, he also fixed. I never knew how much it affected my posture and now I can bend down without any discomfort.

I would recommend this detox programme for everybody. By the whole body being detoxed, you will feel rejuvenated – and as well as feeling better in body you also feel better mentally. My husband is delighted with the results as well, he says that I look much better and of course the pain is gone, and he says that it was money well invested.

For the ordinary person who finds conventional medicine is not working for them I would recommend the detox programme. The body is an extraordinary organ, and when given the right conditions in which to heal it has the power to rejuvenate itself – and I am proof that it does work.”
Joy from Ireland (2008)

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