Jem Friar

Jem FriarNaturopath, M.A.O., N.C., I.I.S.T., I.S.T.Y.M., I.T.E.C., S.P.

“I specialised in the field of fasting and detoxification several years ago, when I discovered how profoundly and deeply people could heal, rebalance, change and grow, when on a fully held and supported Detox retreat. Fasting itself can allow people to drop into a deep healing space, but when combined with appropriate treatments, yoga, meditation and a caring support team, the possibilities of change and healing can be awesome. I am also enthusiastic to support and educate people as much as possible when I work with them, so that when they go back to their normal lives, they are inspired and able to easily make healthier lifestyle choices.”

Jem Friar is a qualified Naturopathic Consultant and a very experienced fasting and Detox facilitator. He has been facilitating Detox retreats in the UK and around the world since 2000. He facilitated groups going through 2-week fasting and Detox retreats at “Moinhos Velhos”, a Juice Fasting and Yoga Retreat in Portugal for 2½ years. In 2004 he managed the famous “Spa Samui”, fasting and detox health spa in Thailand. He also facilitated Detox retreats for “Spain-Detox” in Spain, in 2006. During this time, he has also been organizing regular Detox retreats in the UK with “Vitality Detox Retreats” and is well known for his own unique “Personal Detox Coaching” programs. He has safely guided literally hundreds of people through the Detox process.

As well as being a Naturopath, Jem is an excellent bodyworker, having begun work in this field in 1989. He has trained and qualified in Thai Massage, McTimoney Chiropractic, Spineworks, ITEC Holistic massage, Sports massage, Remedial massage, Indian Head massage and Reiki. Jem also teaches yoga, chi gung and meditation. Jem has a keen fascination in other countries, cultures and languages, having spent 14 years travelling and working in many countries around the world. He does Co-Counselling, practises Meditation, Yoga, Chi Gung and Tai Chi and has a deep love for being out in Nature.

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