Karen Devine

Karen Divine at Detox InternationalNutrition (Mbant) Functional Medicine (AFMCP)

Karen Devine says – After my initial Nutritional Therapy studies with the Plaskett college of Nutrition in 1999 (later to be taught at Thames Valley University) I found that it was then my learning really began as I started to apply Nutritional Therapy as my initial therapy. I was fortunate to study directly under Prof Lawrence Plaskett and I now see how these first few years of study were the catalyst for other disciplines to study and apply in my practice.

Today I continue to attend many post graduate courses/seminars to enable me to continue my professional development and the evolving science of Nutrition, Functional Medicine and Bio-regulatory Medicine. However, I never lost sight of how the body in its innate wisdom, using natural laws, can support us when we awaken ourselves to these natural principles and in particular using cleansing and detoxification as a primary focus in my work. I have worked with many people in my clinics over the years with various health challenges but my focus and ‘niche’ is cellular cleansing, detoxification and digestive health.

As well as these strong disciplines I have a diploma in Iridology and also studied with Dr. Diertrich Klinghkart which supported my understanding that we are more than just a physical body. Dr. Klingharts 5 levels of healing describes the 5 healing bodies which are 1.The Physical body, 2.The Energy body, 3. The mental body, 4. The Intuitive body, and 5. The spiritual body. With this in mind we can take the view that our quest for health may need a multi disciplined approach and that all levels of these healing bodies need to be nurtured and supported.

More recently, I have added Coaching into my work and now welcome my new Transformational ‘Tired to Inspired’ coaching, helping individuals to awaken their true potential using powerful Metaphysical, Law of Attraction processes along with traditional coaching methods to my work. I love helping people to grow and support their changes and growth. This type of coaching has helped me personally and professionally.

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