Marianne Callaghan

Marianne CallaghanNutritional Therapist, BSc, Dip ION; Kinesiology; QXCI Bio-Resonance; Strategic Intervention, Relationship and Marriage Educator; Raw Food chef

Marianne Callaghan is originally from Hungary and qualified as a Clinical Nutritionist at the London based Institute of Optimum Nutrition over 20 years ago. Since then she has run successful Nutritional practises in Canterbury (UK), Europe, North America and the Caribbean and lectured at the International Conference for Alternative Therapies.

She firmly believes that anyone can achieve optimum health through a holistic approach: detoxification, proper nourishment and letting go of old patterns. In her therapy work, Marianne also uses the wonderful tool of kinesiology (muscle testing), QXCI Bio-resonance and vibrational remedies.

For Detox International, Marianne supports many of the Mind / Body Detox Retreats. She has also recently qualified in the Tony Robbins – Chloe Madanes’s Strategic Intervention Method and Relationship and Marriage Educator. In this context she will be leading a new Detox & Relationship Retreat with this life changing material in July 2015 in Portugal.

Her other great passion is Food. After taking part in the BBC Master Chef series (cooking healthy! 2007), she was inspired to qualify as a Raw Food Chef and Instructor.

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