Mind Body Detox

At Detox International, we offer what we believe to be a truly holistic & life changing detox programme; we call it mind ~ body detox.

We are passionate about detox and the incredible effects juice fasting can have on your health. It is a powerful tool to support lasting change, not just for your physical body, but for the way it touches your emotional, mental and spiritual self too, allowing for complete healing. Our core detox programme is a 7 day juice fasting retreat; we also have special focus programmes which are incorporated within our 7 day retreats including fertility detox and type 2 diabetes detox.

The biggest change we see in people on the retreats is that they start to connect to their true self again. We are much more than just our bodies; therefore our retreats are holistic, in the sense that we support you to cleanse and heal on all levels – Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit. An all-encompassing detox programme has the power to encourage healing from the very depths of a person.

It is a dynamic process and people can go very deep while they are on a retreat, deep enough to heal past hurts, to create a better vision of their future and to find themselves, their true essence again. This is the best feeling in the world and your body feels much lighter and more mobile too. Detox pushes out the darkness and heaviness in us and lets in the light of life.

Professional support

Our retreats are fully supported by nutritional therapists and we work with you throughout the week, closely observing how each person is progressing and when needed, tailoring the detox to your personal needs. Where an underlying emotional cause seems to be a trigger factor in the disease process, we can help you to move through this with one of the many complementary therapies and counselling on offer.

During your detox week, our role is to help you achieve whatever it is that you want to gain from the detox process; whether it’s improved health, greater vitality, to overcome a long standing physical condition or to find your self again, we’ll support you in making changes within and help you move in leaps and bounds towards optimum health and vitality. Our return rate is high, which is a good indicator that your investment in your self and your health will continue to reap benefits well after the suntan has faded!


Fasting is one of the oldest known natural remedies for illness; creating optimum conditions in the body for it to self heal. Fresh raw juices are the most alkalizing and detoxfiying of all foods which is why they form the basis of our detox programme.

Detox International juice fastingWe fast regularly ourselves and are continually developing our detox programme to include new research and new products. We combine the ancient wisdom of fasting with modern science, plus the newest research into the effects of intermittent fasting on health to provide you with a juice detox programme which is magical and life changing.

A juice and supplement based fast has a greater ability to encourage healing compared to fasting on just water. This is because juice fasting cleanses the body AND feeds it with vital nutrients and enzymes, which are needed by the body’s organs and systems to detoxify.

When you make a change in your physical body you will see that change joyfully expressed in your mental, emotional and spiritual life too.

Our detox programme consists of a unique and powerful combination of organic, freshly made juices, nutritional and herbal supplements (many of which are our own specially formulated detox supplements); liver & colon cleansing; inspiration talks and workshops, yoga, meditation; plus a range of wonderful complementary therapies.

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Colon Cleansing

Colon cleansing is an essential part of most detox programmes. This is because detoxification involves not just moving toxins out of the cells, but also eliminating them completely from the body. Without completely eliminating the toxins, they would simply be re-cycled to other parts of the body and leave you feeling pretty unwell too. At Detox International we favour the use of self administered enemas (coffee and herbal) which directly support the liver, the body’s greatest detoxification organ, to detoxify quickly and efficiently. We have found enemas to be the best way to support both liver and bowel detoxification.


Yoga for detoxification

All of our retreats include daily Yoga, with our wonderful yoga teacher Yair, and is an integral part of our detox programme. It helps the body’s organs to work better, loosens up stiffness and brings you to a point of greater awareness of the present moment. It is a wonderful start to your detox day. More about yoga…

What happens after the Detox?

This is the best feeling in the world. Detox pushes out the darkness and heaviness in us, and lets in the light. This is the start of a new life and way of living for you. More…

My experience with clients never fails to show me that understanding the mind / body / spirit connection is the most important part of the healing process.

Founder, Midi Fairgrieve.