Reducing the risk of cancer with a healthy lifestyle

In the news yesterday in the UK it was reported that one in every 2 of us will get cancer at some point in our lives, this refers to those born after 1960. 1 in 2 of us? Really? The main reason given for this rise in cancer rates is due to us living longer and surviving other diseases due to better medical care and medications. I am finding it hard to take this report seriously as it seems to be so far off the truth. There are a number of reasons why cancer rates are rising and longevity isn’t top of the list.

In my memory of a 1960’s child I had a grandparents living well into their 80s on one side and into their 90s on the other, just one died of cancer. My own mother is now almost 90 and cancer free. It was rare as a school child in the 1960’s to have friends who had any aged relative with cancer. Now almost everyone is touched by cancer in their family, and not just aged grandparents. I am not convinced that the reason for the huge rise in cancer rates is due mostly to longevity.

We live in a very toxic world, with studies finding more than 350 synthetic contaminants in human breast milk – many of these are pesticides which are hormone disrupting and cancer causing. These toxins accumulate in the fatty tissue and they persist in the body. It’s not easy for the body to detoxify synthetic poisons and so they literally accumulate. Our total body burden of toxins is on influence that cannot be ignored.

However, it is not one thing that causes cancer, it is a disease that develops due to conditions in the body being favourable. This is why there’s not one cure. Healing cancer requires a diet and lifestyle overhaul, starting with detoxification. Opening up the channels of elimination, supporting toxins to be released safely, boosting the immune system and then turning attention to diet, which needs to be organic, fresh, and healthy.

So what can you do, right now to improve your immune system and reduce your chances of getting cancer?

As with all diseases, having a healthy functioning immune system is your best defence. One of the most damaging foods for your immune system is SUGAR. Sugar feeds cancer, yet this fact is dramatically overlooked as part of conventional medical treatment. I have a friend recently diagnosed with cancer, and at no point was she advised to stay away from sugar, yet oncologists know that sugar feeds cancer and indeed, use the fact that sugar induces rapid growth of cancer to intensify the thermal sensitivity of malignant tumours during scans. Our diets these days are literally flooded with sugar, due to the omnipresence of processed and junk food which is why there’s such an epidemic of obesity and diabetes (and cancer) around the world. Just losing excess weight can cut your risk of some cancers by a third.

Processed and junk foods are also loaded with hormone-mimicking chemicals that further contribute to cancer and other health problems. In short, today’s generation of children raised on a processed food diet has a much higher risk of devastating health problems than their parents, thanks to the processed food industry. And remember these foods are high in sugar. When did it become acceptable nutrition to place a bowl of coco-pops in front of children as their breakfast? Not only is it not supplying much in the way of nutrients, these foods are anti-nutrient, they rob the body of vital minerals like zinc (needed for a strong immune system) in the digestive process. The body is left robbed, not fuelled by these foods.

The link between a high-sugar diet, obesity, and cancer can be summarized in two words: insulin resistance. Both obesity and cancer can result from a high sugar diet. Sugar also causes chronic inflammation, which raises the risk of cancer, and as we are now discovering, is the main reason for heart disease, not high cholesterol. Recent research is showing that not only does sugar feed existing cancer; it also appears to initiate cancer growth.

One of the most effective ways to reverse insulin resistance is intermittent fasting, along with some basic changes to your diet.   These are things that anyone can do and the payoff is health.

Having worked for many years with a dietary approach to healing cancer, and for the last 11 years working with a profoundly healing detox programme, I see living proof of the long lasting health benefits of detoxifying the body of cancer causing chemicals and toxins, and the incredible power of eating a healthy organic diet in being able to turn around chronic illness.

You don’t need to accept the ‘fact’ that you have a 50% chance of getting cancer. Change your lifestyle, detox, eat a healthy organic diet, juice fruit and vegetables, have one day a week of semi fasting, replace household and personal care products with chemical free ones, and reclaim your health.

Midi Fairgrieve,

Founder & Director, Detox International


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