Skin Conditions & Detox

There are many different kinds of skin complaints from eczema and acne to psoriasis and dermatitis. Some skin conditions just cause minor discomfort, but others can affect people quite seriously, especially their self-confidence.

Skin problems can arise when the body’s toxic load becomes too great and the skin becomes overloaded and struggles to eliminate effectively. Our experience with detox and skin conditions, is that they respond very well to the detox process. This is because all of the body’s routes of elimination are opened up and decongested, which ultimately reduces the amount of toxins which need to be eliminated through the skin.

It may surprise you to know that skin complaints are often related to the state of health of the gut! If your digestive system, bowel and liver and not working properly this causes greater eliminative pressure on the skin as a route of elimination. Constipation, IBS, allergies, candida and yeast infections can all underpin skin complaints. However, a comprehensive detox programme can restore bowel health and rebalance the intestinal flora and optimize digestion and elimination.

Sometimes skin conditions are related to a hormone imbalance, which again can be balanced via the detox process which helps to harmonize body chemistry including hormones and blood sugar. Fundamentally true skin health comes from within and much can be done to help eliminate skin complaints. Good diet is an essential factor, along with efficient elimination of toxins and positive lifestyle changes.

In our experience emotional and mental attitudes also play a large part in skin conditions manifesting. We have witnessed time and again cases of psoriasis for example turning round once the root cause of the problem has been addressed – often a long standing sadness, a sudden shock or negative belief pattern.

How much each individual’s condition improves depends on many things – such as the depth of the condition, how long you have had it; underlying factors of age, predisposition / inherited factors and many more that are unseen.

Our detox retreats give people the ideal environment to allow the process of healing to happen. We take a holistic view of healing, and combine the strength of the physical detox process with therapeutic help on the emotional / mental and spiritual levels, so that each individual will get the best out of their week. Nature is a most powerful force, and much can be achieved in just one week. Whether your condition is purely on a physical level, or has underlying and deeper causes, the retreat usually provides a way forward towards greater health, often in a completely transformational way.

Tips for a healthy skin

Eat plenty of good quality vegetable oils e.g. linseed / flax oil, seeds & nuts.
Take fish oils for omega 3 fatty acids or Evening primrose oil.
Make sure you eat plenty of Vitamin E, found in avocados, nuts and seeds, fish, wheat germ.
Zinc is important for a healthy immune system as well as healthy skin and a good complexion. Food sources include: organic liver, oysters, shellfish, meat, hard cheese, eggs, pulses, brown rice, and green leafy vegetables.

The skin can also be kept clear by dry skin brushing on a regular basis which helps to exfoliate old dead cells and encourage renewal. Skin brushing increases blood flow to the surface and stimulates lymphatic circulation. Amazingly we shed one complete surface layer of dead cells every 24 hours! Dry skin brushing regularly (done before taking a bath or shower) will help to keep your skin healthy and rejuvenated.

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