There’s no such thing as detox! by Midi Fairgrieve

I read a post on Facebook recently, which went like this “There’s no such thing as detox. It has no scientific basis”. Well, it got me thinking. I’ve been running detox retreats for over 13 years and thank goodness I haven’t let the need for scientific validation to hold me back….or indeed those who go through the detox process. I can see with my own eyes the effects and hear what our clients say. That’s enough evidence for me.
Would it even be possible to prove or somehow scientifically validate detox? I’m not sure because it is so much bigger and more incredible than anything that can be measured and labelled.
Certainly the physical effects could be measured, such as weight loss, positive changes in blood pressure, improved intestinal function, liver function and kidney function. Perhaps science could measure the better flexibility and mobility people experience through yoga or the clarity of thought function in the brain.
But what about the other effects? How can you measure someone’s life being turned around for the good? Years of long-held emotions being released and healed. Deeper self-understanding and personal growth. How do we get these to fit the scientific paradigm so that they can be quantified? It’s just not possible since every individual has their own incredible and personal experience.
Many of our returning clients don’t come back repeatedly so much for the physical experience, they use the power of detox to reach new levels of awareness in themselves. Of course, they get a physical cleanse as well but that’s a super bonus, the intention for coming is often much deeper.
You don’t need to believe in detox to have an incredible life changing experience, it happens anyway. We have over the years, seen many a client dragged along by a spouse or family member who find their way into the amazing experience of detox and by the time they leave are ready to drag someone else along.
PHYSICALLY, if you are looking for a way to lose excess weight, rid yourself of niggling health issues or want to make a start on healing a chronic condition using natural means, then consider coming a detox retreat.
EMOTIONALLY you will be supported to face whatever is holding you back in your heart and in your life and with the strength of the detox process, gently heal from the past.
MENTALLY, so many people these days come for a mind rest. It’s a retreat environment which is healing in itself, but we find that when people detox they become much more clear-headed and focussed on where they want to go in their life, be it a job change or a new learning. Things can become so much clearer when we take time out and cleanse on all levels.
SPIRITUALLY, fasting has long been a foundation for spiritual growth and so it is with detox too.  This is something a client said to me recently when she had to cancel at the last minute: “…it’s not the fasting I will miss, it is the spiritual connection that grows and grows”.
Whether you have detoxed before or not, the experience is always different and so very individual.
If you are looking for change, come and join us on our next retreat and harness the powerful energies of detox to re-set your personal goals and transform your health and your life…surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery.

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