Detox International daily schedule

A typical detox day is almost a contradiction! Fasting and detox affects everyone differently which is why we manage your experience as individually as possible and you may need more support on some days, than on others. People who have detoxed with us many times before say that each of their detoxes are so different. One thing they usually notice is that their body remembers the process even after a few years, and they detox faster and more deeply with each subsequent retreat.  Here’s a quick glance at our usual detox schedule, baring in mind it doesn’t convey just how magical the whole experience really is.

A typical detox day:

Body Brushing, supplements and Cleansing Drink
8am- 9.30am
Relaxing Yoga for detoxification
Delicious freshly made organic juice
11am –12
Supplements, coffee enemas
There is plenty of time throughout the day for you to enjoy a range of complementary therapies from our incredible team of therapists.
Yummy freshly made organic juice, wheat grass shot
Fresh organic juice and supplements
Another delicious fresh juice and supplements
Herbal Enema
Evening Broth and Supplements
8pm to 9pm
Evening Talk. Topics include – “What happens to you when you detox”, “Chemicals and how to avoid them”, and “The Mind Body Connection and Disease”
Optional relaxation. Guided meditation.

“Fasting has the strongest appeal to the human being’s natural powers of healing and self-rejuvenation, on both a spiritual and bodily level”   (Heinze Fahner, M.D.)