Yair Sagy

Yair SagyAcupuncturist, and Yoga Teacher

Yair Sagy is a native of Israel and together with his wife, Ziza, runs a successful holistic centre in Lanjaron, Spain. They are both on site during the detox weeks and their combination of powerful therapies and healing hands is an excellent complement to the detox programme. In 1992 Yair graduated from the Five Branches Institute for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Santa Cruz California and in 1995 he went to China to study Qi Gong and herbology. He now teaches Yoga and Qi Gong and treats patients using Acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Shiatsu and Massage.

Body Mind Acupuncture with Yair’s system of Acupuncture is unique in its diagnosis methods and applications. In order to diagnose, Yair examines the electromagnetic field (Aura) around you as well as the energetic state of the 7 main energy centers (chakras). Each of these centers reflects your mental, emotional and physical health. When those centres are balanced and healthy, they will radiate beautiful light, when there is a blockage the energy will appear shrunken and deformed.

In order to deepen the DETOX process it is crucial to understand the profound connection between the way you think and behave, past emotional and physical experiences and your current state of mental and physical health. When this connection is understood an important breakthrough is happening.

After concluding the diagnostic process, together we will try to understand the mental emotional patterns which contribute to your physical and emotional symptoms. An important part of the treatment is to give you tools that will assist you dealing with the difficulties we discussed.

The Acupuncture will be integrated into the healing session once you have understood the mind body interaction in your life. Acupuncture has an amazing power to harmonize the body and free up the blocked areas. This will further assist you on your healing journey for perfect health.

Detoxifying old emotional patterns will greatly improve the physical Detox.

Yair will be available at all of the Spain and Portugal retreat weeks.

Yoga with Yair

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