Healing Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit

Once the physical body starts to heal, detoxification moves onto a mental and emotional level, and finally reveals a spiritual body hidden beneath. The biggest change that you might experience during a detox retreat is often on a non physical level. The body benefits too of course, such as weight loss, clearer skin, greater vitality, and for many people, they overcome a chronic condition, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and IBS. Detox slows down the aging process at cell level so every part of us benefits. ...Read More

Detox Retreats in Spain

A detox retreat can be terrific catalyst for change, helping you move forward in a meaningful and lasting way. Much more than a physical detox... it's a life changing experience. Juice fasting has an incredible healing power that can turn around physical issues and can give you a renewed feeling of vitality at a level you may not have experienced before. Since our first Detox Retreat in 2004 we have helped hundreds of people overcome their struggles with an ever widening range of issues, from physical illness to mental and emotional problems to spiritual awakening. ...Read More

What Our Detox Clients Say

"Thank you all for the most nourishing, nurturing, eye-opening and healing week of my life so far. You all went beyond the call of duty and the experience surpassed my wildest imaginings". "I am still coming to terms with the transformation that took place for me and can't quite believe how a week can change your life so profoundly. …quite simply you are saving lives and helping people find themselves.” “This week has totally blown my mind! I can't believe how well I feel." "What I achieved went well beyond my wildest dreams. The eczema all but disappeared and I shed about 8 Ibs." ...Read More

Detox Retreat, What’s Included?

Fresh 100% organic juices, nutritional and herbal supplements, daily yoga, meditation, talks and workshops. During the retreat we give you a healthy dose of nutritional information, inspire you to change things about your life, and help you understand yourself better. Everyone gets a comprehensive nutritional consultation, looking at your diet and lifestyle so that you can keep up the positive changes you have started when you get home. We don’t advocate radical diets or strict regimes; the idea is to help you to take a step closer towards optimum health and empower you to look after your own well being. There's a wise Chinese Proverb that says "Health may not be everything, but without it, everything is nothing". ...Read More

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